Effortless Home Buying

Experience a hassle-free journey, tailored to meet your unique home-buying needs.


STEP 1: Vision & Goals

We start by understanding your long-term goals and what you envision in your ideal home.

STEP 2: Tailored Property Listings

Receive a curated list of homes that tick all your boxes, saving you time and energy.

STEP 3: Interactive Home Tours

Feel each space with guided viewings, making the search process immersive and informative.


STEP 4: Crafting Your Offer

We'll strategize and propose an offer that stands out and aligns with your budget.

STEP 5: Sealing the Deal

From due diligence to paperwork, we ensure every detail is covered for a successful purchase.

STEP 6: Move-In Day

Welcome to your new home! We'll be here to support you even after the keys are handed over.

Calculate Your Financial Outlook

Knowledge is power. Know your possible mortgage payments, including all extra costs, to better navigate your home search.

Work With Us

Whether you're buying or selling, we're here to provide the strategic insights and hands-on guidance you need. With The Coonahan Team, you're not just getting a Real Estate Agent; you're gaining a partner invested in your success.

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